‘The Mandalorian’: A Hit So Big Even Netflix Can Respect It

Yinchen Niu / VIP

“The Mandalorian” was expected to make a big splash for Disney+ with new episodes last month after the series generated considerable buzz upon debuting in November 2019. But it’s now clear just how big the show has become in recent weeks 

In fact, figures from 7Park Data shared exclusively with Variety Intelligence Platform suggest that “The Mandalorian” was the biggest streaming title across Disney+, Apple TV+, Hulu, Prime Video and Netflix last month. 

“Mandalorian” reached roughly 29% of 7Park Data panel members in November, besting “The Queen’s Gambit” at nearly 20% and “The Crown” at about 14%. It also reached more viewers than Hulu’s “Animaniacs” (7%). 

Additionally, “The Mandalorian” in November was Disney+’s biggest show by 7Park Data cross-platform audience reach since “Hamilton” in July (37%), which was Disney+’s biggest title of the year. 

7Park Data currently only measures viewership of Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, Apple TV+ and Disney+. 7Park tabulates its data by measuring the SVOD viewership of over 15,000 U.S. households that occur on connected TVs (i.e. Roku, et al.). Mobile viewership is not reflected in 7Park’s data. 

The 29% figure of “The Mandalorian” marks a rare 7Park Data cross-platform audience share ranking win for Disney+, which along with the other SVODs, is usually beat by Netflix originals.  

However, it’s not all winning for “The Mandalorian” since “Queen’s Gambit” was the most-watched title by time spent across SVOD platforms 7Park measured in November. That’s particularly impressive for “Queen’s Gambit,” given the show debuted on October 23. 

The Crown” was unable to nab the top spot in any of 7Park’s November cross-platform rankings due to “The Mandalorian” and “Queen’s Gambit.” Still, third place is certainly no failure for a show, which may be one of the most expensive Netflix original shows ever made.  

Netflix’s top performing original titles helped it gain more viewership overall in November, 7Park’s data suggests.  

Households on average spent over 670 minutes with Netflix in November, which was higher than the comparable figure in October but lower than the figures in August and September. 

It shouldn’t be forgotten what role licensed titles play in boosting Netflix engagement, though. Schitt’s Creek” continued to be a blessing for the service in terms of driving engagement in November, 7Park’s data shows. 

Meanwhile, a big licensed hit for Prime Video was “Psych,” which was the platforms most-watched title by time spent in November, besting titles like the “Borat” sequel and “The Boys” in that regard, per 7Park’s numbers. 

Other surprises include the reemergence of “The Morning Show” as a top-performer for Apple when measured by time spent.  

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