Sports Betting Apps Poised to Gain Yardage at Super Bowl LV

Sports Betting Apps Poised Gain Yardage
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The most popular U.S. sports betting apps have a big weekend ahead of them if the past month serves as any guide. 

Weekly downloads of FOX Bet Super 6, FanDuel Sportsbook, DraftKings Sportsbook, BetMGM Sportsbook and Bet On Sports steadily rose last month and peaked in the week of January 18, when the AFC/NFC Championship games took place, data provided exclusively to Variety Intelligence Platform by Sensor Tower shows 

FOX Bet Super 6, FanDuel, DraftKings, BetMGM and Bet On Sports were the five most downloaded sports betting apps in the U.S. during January, according to Sensor Tower. 

Though FanDuel and DraftKings have long been dominant sportsbooks in the U.S., it was FOX Bet Super 6 that tallied the most downloads in JanuaryFOX Bet was launched in September 2019, about a year after DraftKings Sportsbook and Fanduel Sportsbook went live.  

The steady rise in downloads of the biggest sports betting apps throughout the month of January as wild card weekend, divisional playoff and AFC/NFC championship games unfolded suggests a correlation between sports gambling app interest and the NFL postseason.

Lending more credence to this proposed correlation: Time spent globally on FOX Bet Super 6 was highest in January during the days following the AFC/NFC championship gamesApptopia estimates.  

This download and time spent activity in January indicates top sports betting apps will see a spike in activity this weekend as Tom Brady’s Buccaneers take on Patrick Mahomes’ Chiefs.  

That becomes easier to believe when you consider consumers have already signaled they’re aiming to have some skin in the game. The American Gaming Association estimates 7.6 million Americans will bet on this year’s Super Bowl online, a record figure that’s up 63% year-over-year, based on a survey conducted by Morning Consult Jan. 25-27.

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In a separate late January survey by Qualtrics on behalf of LendingTree, 51% of Americans said they plan on making some sort of Super Bowl bet. 

This appetite to gamble comes as sports betting is now as (legally) accessible as ever. Sports betting is now offered to consumers legally through retail and/or online sportsbooks in 20 states, though only 11 states currently offer the option to bet via mobile with multiple players, per The Action Network.

The further legalization of mobile sports betting will be key to boosting measurable gambling revenue in the U.S., as 90% of all sports betting revenue comes from online platforms rather than brick-and-mortar establishments, according to FanDuel chief marketing officer Mike Raffensperger. 

The fact that the amount of money wagered across the U.S. during Jan.-Nov. 2020 was up 54% bodes well for sports betting operators looking to expand. Connecticut appears as one of the leading states to legalize gambling next, according to The Action Network.