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How Top Streaming Services Fared in June 2020


Every month we team up with our data partner YouGov to run a custom survey to gauge audience sentiment toward the leading streaming services in the U.S.

Below are the top takeaways from our monthly streaming survey: 

1.) Quibi is the least-used major SVOD that we tracked in June. Just 1% of survey respondents said they used Quibi in the past month, which is much, much lower than self-reported usage of the streaming incumbents. But more interesting is also how much lower Quibi scored than HBO Max, which launched over one month after it. HBO Max did have the existing HBO customer base to lean on, so it’s not a perfect comparison, but the numbers in the graphic above still indicate that there are clear subdivisions within the second wave of streamers: There’s Disney+, and everyone else (HBO Max, Quibi, et. al). And within that “everyone else” pack, Quibi clearly lags the most.

2.) That is a function of how Quibi (clearly) has an awareness problem. 29% of surveyed U.S. adults had never heard of Quibi, more than double the percentage of that for the SVOD that ranked second-worst on awareness (CBS All Access at 11%). Sure, Quibi is the newest streamer on this list, so you should expect for the fewest amount of people to know about it. But Disney+ and Apple TV+ scored higher on awareness than CBS All Access, which launched six years ago. Just imagine how much worse Quibi’s score would be without all that negative press attention.  

3.) Disney+ topped streaming incumbent Netflix and all other SVODs in user satisfaction. Even though “The Mandalorian” last year marked an early success for Disney+, its more recent originals and steady reclaiming of Disney-owned IP movies, have helped it win big in user satisfaction rankings, YouGov’s data suggests. “Hamilton,” which just debuted on the 3rd, seems like something that will help boost Disney+ satisfaction ratings even more in July.

4.) Newcomer HBO Max has risen quickly toward the top to third place in user satisfaction rankings. HBO Max now only trails Disney and Netflix in user satisfaction, and that’s a pretty impressive standing for the WarnerMedia SVOD that has only been available for a little over one month. The high marks for HBO Max are likely most attributable to its back catalog of library content, rather than its relatively barren slate of originals. While HBO Max had a monster library including the entire HBO library and beloved hits like “Friends” and the entire Studio Ghibli collection at launch, it only had six originals.

5.) But at the end of the day, Netflix is still far and away seen as the most essential SVOD. The satisfaction rankings of each SVOD don’t directly correlate with how essential each service is seen as: Netflix retained its clear position as the leading must-have SVOD from Q1 to Q2. Netflix scored high as a must-have because many know of recent success like “Stranger Things” and “Tiger King,” but also because Netflix has had more time to win viewers over than CBS All Access, Disney+, etc.