Franchises and Film Tentpoles Crucial for Boosting Streaming Services’ Popularity

Franchises and Film Tentpoles Crucial Boosting Streaming Services' Popularity
Cheyne Gateley/VIP+

Exclusive data from YouGov’s 2022 Global Film & TV Report shared with VIP+ reveals which streaming services saw the biggest increases in popularity throughout 2022.

Unsurprisingly, a slight decrease in popularity didn’t knock Netflix from the No. 1 spot, per YouGov Signal’s “appetite” scores assigned to series and movies that are derived from YouGov’s online demand metrics.

But most fascinating is the leap in popularity seen for Paramount+, which was much larger than any of its rivals.

Paramount Global’s streamer benefited greatly from its licensing of the UEFA Champions League, netting YouGov Signal’s No. 2 spot for most popular returning series globally in 2022. Likewise, “Top Gun: Maverick” registered the highest global appetite score for a film, granting an additional boost to Paramount+ upon its streaming debut there.

But it was “Yellowstone” prequel series “1883,” which began streaming on Paramount+ in December 2021, that achieved a higher appetite score in the U.S. than any other item on the streamer in 2022 and contributed to its 37% year-over-year leap in popularity.

The core “Yellowstone” series that airs on Paramount Network ranked as the No. 1 series overall in the U.S. This in turn contributed to Peacock’s 5.2% year-over-year growth in popularity, as “Yellowstone” streams there exclusively.

HBO Max and Prime Video also saw decent popularity growth in 2022. “House of the Dragon” proved exceptionally popular for WBD’s streamer, with YouGov ranking it among the top five new series globally and as the most pirated show overall. Meanwhile, Prime Video saw its popularity rise from exclusive broadcasts and strong debuts for its “Lord of the Rings” and “Reacher” original series.

Just like “Top Gun: Maverick” at Paramount+, theatrical tentpoles played big roles in boosting popularity at rival streamers.

HBO Max was the streaming home for “The Batman,” which net the highest overall appetite score in the U.S. for a film, while Marvel’s “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” achieved the highest peak appetite score for a movie in the U.S., contributing to the enduring popularity of Disney+ alongside new Marvel show “Moon Knight,” which got YouGov Signal’s best appetite score for a new series in the U.S., demonstrating the importance of shared franchise universes as SVOD attractors.

However, Netflix is still the one to beat. “Stranger Things 4” and “Wednesday” ranked as YouGov Signal’s top returning and new series globally, per appetite score.