Data: ‘Hubie Halloween,’ ‘Emily in Paris’ Crack Netflix Top 10 Most Popular 2020 Titles

Netflix's Top October 2020 U.S. Shows
Yinchen Niu/Variety Intelligence Platform

Adam Sandler’s latest Netflix movie, “Hubie Halloween,” is the streaming giant’s most popular original movie in the U.S. for 2020, second only to “365 Days” in the overall movie rankings. 

Data provided exclusively to VIP from streaming analytics firm FlixPatrol shows that “Hubie” places eighth on the overall monthly rankings list. As a reminder, April is the first full month for which Netflix shared daily top 10 data, and so the analysis in this article is from April through October. 

The majority of the monthly most popular titles, in the top 15, are Netflix originals, but following that are many acquired titles, such as “The Lorax,” “Avatar” and “Shameless,” with built-in name recognition for audiences. 

One trend that becomes apparent is, due to their nature of having multiple episodes, TV series tend to remain in the monthly most popular lists longer than films. As such, TV series are more likely to generate a monthly most popular score of 200 or greater, suggesting a domestic “megahit. 

“Hubie Halloween” (212) is one of only two movies to meet that megahit threshold, the other being “365 Days” (220) in June, demonstrating how powerful star Adam Sandler’s pull is to the Netflix audience. The flick was in October’s top 10 for 24 days—every day in October from release. 

In addition to “Hubie,” three other October releases cracked the overall top 15. Netflix original “Emily in Paris” (206) also scored above the VIP megahit threshold. Not far from megahit status were horror original “The Haunting of Bly Manor” (192) and the acquired final season of rampant Emmy winner “Schitt’s Creek” (185). 

In terms of October’s biggest domestic hits for Netflix, there are a slightly greater share of originals (11) in the overall top 10, down slightly from September’s 13. In addition to the October titles already mentioned, “Ratched (105) continued to score well from September’s popularity score of 120. The other titles with a strong October performance were “American Murder” (166), “Cocomelon” (152) and “Evil” (118). 

It will be worth keeping an eye on “Unsolved Mysteries” in the November rankings. Released on October 20, it scored highly in the remaining days of the month. With the first part of season 1 July’s most popular Netflix title, seeing it remain in November’s top 10 won’t be a surprise.