Data: ‘Haunting of Bly Manor,’ ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Netflix’s Biggest October Titles

Cheyne Gateley/VIP

Two titles were able to stand out the most in October amid a sea of Halloween, true-crime and horror programming on Netflix7Park Data figures provided exclusively to Variety Intelligence Platform suggest. 

Of U.S. 7Park Data panel members who viewed at least two streaming services in October, nearly 16% watched “The Haunting of Bly Manor,” a percentage higher than that of all other Netflix titles like “Hubie Halloween” (12.7%), “American Murder” (10.3%) and “Unsolved Mysteries” (7.5%). 

Not far behind “Haunting” was “Schitt’s Creek,” which early-debuted its S6 on Netflix last month and was second place in 7Park’s cross-platform audience share ranking. 

7Park Data’s cross-platform rankings only reflect the viewing activity of its panel members who watched at least two of the following SVODs: Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+ and Apple TV+. But keep in mind 78% of U.S. adult SVOD users are now subscribed to two or more video streaming services, according to Activate. 

Using audio content recognition to calculate its rankings, 7Park on a daily basis measures the number of unique users who tune into titles and how long those users spend with titles via audio content recognition. The research firm utilizes a census-balanced panel in the range of 15,000-25,000 U.S. households watching via connected TV (either smart TVs or devices connecting TVs to the Internet — e.g., Roku).  

Watching at least two minutes of a program is counted toward share of viewership. Mobile viewing is not measured by the 7Park panel; viewership data for Apple’s potential awards contender “On the Rocks” was not made available by 7Park at the time of publication. 

Solidifying the recent streaming dominance of “Haunting” and “Schitt’s Creek” in October is the fact that the shows were the top two titles in 7Park’s October cross-platform time spent ranking.  

Sure, titles not measured by 7Park Data that could have ate away at the dominant ranking of “Haunting” and “Schitt’s Creek” had they been captured by the firm. For example, Warner Bros. film “The Witches” starring Anne Hathaway skirted a theatrical release to debut on HBO Max on October 22.

But the fact that “Haunting” was near the top of Netflix’s own public ranking three days after it debuted in October and in early November speaks to the show’s popularity. Schitt’s Creek” has also enjoyed the real estate of Netflix’s public top 10 ranking since becoming available on the service. 

Those two series helped Netflix again dominate 7Park’s cross-platform ranking in last monthThe streamer accounted for 8 of the top 10 widest-reaching streaming titles among panel viewers in October and September. 

The majority of Netflix’s titles in 7Park’s top 10 cross-platform audience share ranking were TV shows in both of those months. But Netflix’s outsize influence in 7Park’s ranking should be expected given its streaming market-leading content budget. 

What’s more unexpected is that time spent on Netflix declined among measured 7Park panel viewers from September to October. That figure also fell month-to-month for Hulu and Prime Video, while it rose for Disney+ and Apple TV+. 

7Park’s figures suggest that the bump in time spent on Disney+ was largely in part to “The Mandalorian, which was by far its most-watched show of the month.  

Meanwhile Apple has “Ted Lasso” to thank, although several other of its recently debuting originals like “Tehran” and “Long Way Up” seem to be taking off among its subscribers. 

And despite not nabbing as many viewership minutes in October as the month priorNetflix, Prime Video and Hulu continued to see certain originals like “Lucifer,” “Utopia” and “PEN15” perform well month-to-month. 

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