Data: Fleets Still Meeting Lukewarm Reception Among Twitter Users

Data: Fleets Still Meeting Lukewarm Reception
Cheyne Gateley/VIP

It’s been months since Twitter rolled out Fleets in the U.S., but uptake of the new stories feature in the region hasn’t significantly improved during that time frame.  

That’s suggested by data provided exclusively to Variety Intelligence Platform by YouGov, which found about 43% of U.S. adults who said they use Twitter monthly had heard of Fleets in a January 27 survey.  

While that figure may look like a modest increase from when respondents were asked the same thing just days after Fleets launched globally, the four percentage point difference is close to the margin of error (+/-3.4%) on the overall sample of the January 27-conducted survey.  

That suggests there hasn’t been much movement on Fleets awareness since November.

Moreover, nearly 39% in YouGov’s most recent survey said they had viewed Fleets others had posted 

And while this January figure may look slightly better than the comparable November figure, the percentage point difference is close to being within the margin of error (+/-5.1%) on the sample of Twitter users aware of Fleets in the January 27-conducted survey. 

This further suggests Fleets have yet to have their breakout moment among Twitter users in the U.S. 

Top reasons Twitter users aren’t currently posting Fleets appear consistent with initial hesitations to use the feature. An aversion to posting any type of content on Twitter was by far the biggest reason Twitter users cited not using Fleets in the January 27 survey. 

That could be interpreted as somewhat of a positive for Twitter engineers, as it implies a lot of Twitterers aren’t necessarily avoiding Fleets because they view the product as flawed.  

Twitter could have some luck onboarding Fleets users by making it clearer, potentially via influencer campaigns, how its Stories experience differs from that of apps like Instagram and Snapchat. After all, a leading reason Twitter users say they don’t use Fleets continues to be that they already post stories on other apps.  

Boosting the perceived use case for Fleets could help Twitter further lock in users to its platform, and that could ultimately help the company secure more ad partnerships like its recent NBCU pact 

However, Twitter still appears to have a long way to go until Fleets turns into an engagement boon for the platform. Just 7% of respondents said Fleets encouraged them to open the Twitter app more often in January.  

Fleets is one of many features Twitter has made available to users on its platform in recent months, as part of an overall push to become a platform with an appeal less reliant on text-based tweets. Click here to check out VIP’s new analysis on Twitter’s recent push to reinvent itself and what this push says about its competitive positioning.