Data: ‘Cobra Kai’ Surpasses ‘Ozark’ Among Netflix’s Top 2020 Hits

Data: 'Cobra Kai' Surpasses 'Ozark' Among Netflix's Top 2020 Hits
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“Cobra Kai,” the serialized reboot of the “Karate Kid” franchise that Netflix acquired from YouTube, is one of Netflix’s most popular titles in the U.S. in 2020. 

That’s according to data from streaming analytics firm FlixPatrol, which aggregates the daily Top 10 scores that Netflix publishes for its most watched content. Note that Netflix only introduced its Top 10s in late March, so full-month data has only been available since April.

“Cobra Kai” places third on the list for monthly popularity scores achieved by Netflix titles across the last six months, ahead of “Ozark” and “Space Force.” It also puts “Cobra” into the monthly megahit category for the streamer, behind only “The Umbrella Academy” and lockdown smash “Tiger King.”

VIP defines a megahit as a title able to amass a popularity score of 200 or greater, meaning it had to remain highly popular across the month to achieve that level.

It’s worth noting that seven of the eight titles scoring 200 or more were series instead of movies. Netflix originals are also more likely to be among the top scorers, likely due to the fact that no one has been able to see it before debuting on the streamer (which makes the “Cobra” score all the more remarkable given it was available on YouTube prior).

In terms of the past month, “Cobra Kai” was far and away the most popular title on Netflix. Rounding out the top five for September were Netflix originals “Away,” “The Social Dilemma” and “Ratched,” as well as acquired movie “The Smurfs 2.” The overall balance of the top 20 is heavy with Netflix originals, with only seven being acquired titles.

The fact that Netflix is able to constantly churn out popular hits at a time when the majority of the entertainment industry’s production line has been hampered by the pandemic is a tremendous asset in its quest for domestic (and global) dominance. It is hard to see a rival who can currently counter the offering Netflix brings to consumers, at least until COVID-19 subsides. Until then, expect more megahits from the streaming giant.