Apple One Interest High, Awareness Low Ahead of Launch: Survey

Apple One Interest High, Awareness Low Ahead of Launch: Survey
Cheyne Gateley/VIP

Awareness may be low, but interest is high in Apple One, the iPhone maker’s new bundle of services, according to a new survey by market research and data analytics firm YouGov, provided exclusively to Variety Intelligence Platform.

Announced last month at an Apple event, the long-anticipated services bundle brings together Apple TV+, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple News+, Apple Fitness+ and various cloud-storage packages in three different price plans ranging from $14.95 to $29.95. The bundle has not yet launched and is expected to become available sometime later this month or November.

YouGov surveyed over 1,200 U.S. adults between Sep. 28 and Sep. 30 to gauge interest in the soon-to-be-released bundle.

Of 590 respondents who owned an Apple device, 75% had not heard of Apple One and only 20% knew what the bundle was. Not great numbers for a product supposed to expose consumers to Apple’s services catalog, though the company hasn’t formally marketed Apple One beyond its September event.

Nevertheless, when asked about the different Apple One bundle tiers, 18% of those with Apple devices expressed interest in the Individual tier, while 15% were open to the Family bundle, and only 6% would consider the Premier bundle. Although 54% of respondents were not interested at all in any of the tiers, a total of 37% of Apple users would consider subscribing. 

Interest in subscribing to Apple One was significantly higher among participants who already subscribed to at least one Apple service. Of the total 1,276 respondents, about 22% already had least one Apple service.

Of those who had at least one service, 26% were interested in the Individual plan, while 23% were interested in Family, and 10% were interested in Premier. Thirty-six percent said they were not interested at all.

Meanwhile, of those who did not subscribe to a service but had an Apple device, 10% were interested in Individual, 7% in Family and 2% in Premier. A staggering 70% responded that they were uninterested in any of the plans.

The Apple One bundle is the latest attempt by the company to draw more consumers into its growing Services business. Last year, Services revenue jumped 16% from the previous year, to $46 billion, but it still only accounted for about 18% of Apple’s total sales for the year. Meanwhile, iPhone revenue represented about 55% of total revenue.

Margins may be higher with product sales, but Services taps into that sweet recurring revenue stream, which is critical in uncertain times (ahem, COVID). It’s all about getting people into the Apple ecosystem and then giving them a reason to stay.

Awareness might have been low, but interest in Apple One among Apple Services users was pretty high. The issue then becomes how much additional revenue will Apple be able to bring in if the people interested in Apple One are already in the Apple ecosystem?

It’s important to note that interest doesn’t always mean intent to subscribe. The challenge will be to convert interest into actual sales, and if Apple can do that, then Apple One might be the meaningful Services boost it’s been waiting for.