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WarnerMedia’s Christine Cook, Snap’s Peter Naylor & More: Monetizing the Digital Acceleration

Variety NY digital editor Todd Spangler led a panel of media execs for Variety’s Entertainment and Technology Summit in October 2020, presented by City National Bank.  

Christine Cook, SVP and chief revenue officer at CNN Digital and WarnerMedia Ad Sales; Jason Flick, CEO and cofounder of You.i TV; Peter Naylor, Americas sales VP at Snap; Darla Price, EVP and executive account director at McCann; and Brian Wieser, global president of business intelligence at GroupM, all offered their thoughts on how media platforms and their advertising leaders can capitalize on OTT acceleration as COVID-19 continues to boost streaming to new highs. 

“The surge of streaming, if we’re talking about the connected TV world and premium video more broadly, mostly has led to a shift of spending among different sources of inventory,” said Wieser 

“There is incremental growth that’s happening there, and we’re not going to see growth this year in traditional TV,” he continued. 

Cook expanded on Wieser’s point, emphasizing that the diversity of content across streaming and proliferation of streaming devices in households has changed the name of the game for branding. 

“Brands follow audiences and so there is TV-like experiences, rich TV-like experiences, that are happening in what would be bucketed as a digital environment,” said Cook. 

“What does an advertiser want?” she continued. “You want a tuned-in attentive consumer that elected to be there and then all of these digital places. It’s not a passive thing that’s sitting in the corner of the living room, it’s something I had to go through multiple steps to activate.” 

“The touchpoints within a given household on how you access content means that one party in your house might be in the living room, the classic TV room, but then there’s three or four other parties in the house that still want to consume content,” she reminded, stressing that advertisers have to maintain a presence on all of those fronts.