VIP+ Exchange: The Future of Addressable Advertising

Variety Intelligence Platform media analyst and correspondent Heidi Chung sat down with ViacomCBS executive vice president of advanced media, Julian Zilberbrand, to discuss the future of advertising in the “Making Addressable Accessible” webinar. 

The media landscape has been quickly evolving, and brands and marketers have been laser focused on reaching relevant audiences to drive efficiency and accuracy with advertisements. As an industry veteran in the advertising space, Zilberbrand offered insight into why addressable advertising is being widely viewed as the future of media advertising with numerous benefits for both brands and consumers. 

 “Addressable is about the right message to the right audience at the right time in premium content in the TV experience that the consumer prefers,” Zilberbrand said. “I think that’s the key factor here, especially in the new age that we’re in,” he followed. 

However, Zilberbrand noted that there are still some key challenges in addressable TV.  

“The market was lacking the necessary information to leverage some of these capabilities and scale and that investment in creative wasn’t really in place,” according to Zilberbrand. “Buying [addressable] is complex and it’s fractured. Reporting on it is complex and it’s fractured… Buyers need to have an improved way for measurement, and we need to enable a much easier buying environment.” 

Zilberbrand also dug into the tangible ways in which addressable could further improve to create a more cohesive experience on both buy side and sell side. 

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