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VIP+ Exchange: Measuring the Future – The Impact of Multi-Currency

In the age of multi-platform consumption and evolving data ecosystems, currency and measurement applications require a collaborative and comprehensive approach. Variety Intelligence Platform media analyst and correspondent Heidi Chung spoke with ViacomCBS senior vice president of advanced advertising Travis Scoles and Dentsu senior vice president of U.S. national video innovation Brad Stockton to discuss the various challenges and opportunities driving the future of advertising. 

Finding alternative audience measurement has been a hot movement in the media space as of late, and what is being developed can ultimately change media advertising forever.  

“There’s a lot of new and interesting offerings that are coming out there, and they’re really supporting those goals,” said Scoles. “[They’re] going to be driving the way that people think about advertising moving forward, because you’ll have a whole new way to look at complete campaign performance as opposed to individual motions,” he followed. 

ViacomCBS and Dentsu recently announced a new partnership that takes meaningful steps toward revolutionizing alternative measurement in the marketplace.  

“I’m really, really excited because the potential for this type of execution is going to be the blueprint for how this will work moving forward,” Scoles explained. “And I’m really, really excited that we have these pilots in this partnership, because again, I think a lot of people want this to happen. A lot of folks talk about it a lot, but we’re actually going to do it.”  

“It’s about learning and growing together as an industry,” added Stockton. “As you really break this down, as technology enhances, as we see successes and how [they’re] working, that’s what’s also going to drive further adoption, but [we also] know ratings fragmentation is happening. That is something that we have to face head on. So how do you make every dollar work harder for you? You lean into audiences, you lead into automation technology and make sure you’re diversifying your mix.” 

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