VIP+ Exchange: All Elite Wrestling’s Tony Khan

Variety Intelligence Platform senior media analyst Gavin Bridge conducted our “Changing Face of Sports Viewership” webinar in May 2021 with leading sports strategist Tony Khan that delved into key issues facing the sports ecosystem, something that was highlighted in our groundbreaking work seen in the “Sports’ New TV Formula” special report we released to subscribers in March 2021 (to see our entire catalog of monthly special reports, go here).

Bridge’s candid conversation with Khan drew upon Khan’s seasoned experience as CEO and general manager of All Elite Wrestling, chief football strategy officer of the Jacksonville Jaguars, general manager and sporting director of Fulham F.C. as well as owner of sporting analytics firm TruMedia Networks.

Khan’s wide-ranging career has helped to give him an adequate framework from which to address the impact of increasing sports rights and the potential for further increases in the future, the topic of which kicked off the discussion.

Then, Bridge and Khan tackled the reasons why live viewership is declining, how sports can find success in today’s media environment, viewers’ rising interest in watching highlights from games as opposed to any game’s given runtime and how organizations can embrace younger fans as they engage with sports across platforms that don’t rely on live viewership.

If you missed the webinar or would like to view it again, the full event is above and available to watch for free. And don’t forget to come back to our video page periodically for subscriber-exclusive content covering Variety events, weekly discussions held by the VIP+ team as well as more webinars and conversations in the coming months.