Kudelski Group’s André Kudelski: Key 2021 Technology & Innovation Trends

Variety NY digital editor Todd Spangler joined Kudelski Group chairman and CEO André Kudelski for an extensive chat during the Variety Entertainment Summit, in partnership with CES 2021.

Their extensive chat covered the main trends in technology and innovation that have arisen as the global pandemic continues to increase the pace in which the media industry transforms itself digitally in order to offer more robust options for streaming video programming.

“I will, maybe first address the general trends, such as cloudification and [what] the needs of very high performance communication mean,” said Kudelski. “Simply, until now, when people were working in the company within, I would use a term of four walls, then you have the IT system, that was designed to work within this boundary.”

“Fundamentally what this pandemic has shown is that you need to have people being able to work, [wherever] is the location… and fundamentally cloud and [a] high-performance communication system are absolutely essential to make it happen,” he continued.

“Having said that, when you have people that are only interacting through electronic means, it’s really important to be sure that the people you are talking to, the people you are interacting with, are real and not just virtual or fake,” he followed.

“So for that, you need to be sure in term[s] of cybersecurity, in term[s] of data security, that everything is protected,” he stressed. “For that, you need to be able to have a cross-checking. And this cross-checking is mostly done through… authentication, but also it’s some things that [were] existing when you have people meeting physically. And then we need to have [a] way to emulate, or let’s say to replace this authentication that is done when you have people meeting in person in a way that you can continue to do business, even when you have such type[s] of disruption.”