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AWS’ Eric Iverson: Cloud Innovation Advancing the Future of Media & Entertainment

Amazon Web Services (AWS) CTO of global media and entertainment vertical Eric Iverson joined Variety artisans editor Jazz Tangcay for the Variety Entertainment and Marketing Summit in October 2020, presented by City National Bank.

The two discussed how media and entertainment-oriented clients of AWS are utilizing cloud computing and its flexibility in order to unite audiences with the storytellers they seek all across the globe.

“Even in a year which seems like it was a challenging year for us, we’re launching services, we’re scaling services,” said Iverson. “I think a lot of people have been watching more really exciting, compelling video than ever before, and we’re able to do that because we’re able to meet that demand more quickly.”

“There’s a lot of other ways that I think we are able to basically use the Cloud to be able to increase both the meeting the viewer where they are, and being able to scale to that, but also be able to create some new experiences,” he continued.

Iverson acknowledged how on top of being defined by a global pandemic, 2020 also saw an expansion of streaming services offered to consumers, in addition to the streamers that have already taken advantage of the Cloud for years.

“I think that we’ve seen that great companies like Disney [have] done that with Disney Plus over the last year,” said Iverson.

“Hulu’s continued to do that, Netflix has continued to do that, you’ve seen Peacock deliver new services this year, and I think all of that just goes to show that ability to be able to have access to that resource and what it could really do…from a creative consumer experience, and it’s really exciting,” he followed.