Top Media & Tech Trends: A 2023 Special Report

Top Media & Tech Trends: 2023 Special Report
Illustration: VIP+: Adobe Stock

Like many industries, the media and technology businesses are feeling the brunt of global economic malaise and the lingering effects of the pandemic. But there are plenty more factors to consider in order to gain an understanding of the complex web of forces at play across dozens of sectors, such as streaming, film, TV, advertising, regulation, the metaverse and so much more.

In the new special report “2023 Media & Tech Trend Tracker,” Variety Intelligence Platform offers a guided tour of an ever-evolving landscape, one that has experienced profound changes since the first iteration of this report, “The Future of Content,” was introduced just a year ago.

“Trend Tracker” is a forward-looking, data-fueled exploration of the key issues facing every sector, laid out over 30 slides. There’s simply nothing else on the market that provides such a thorough overview of these massive intersecting industries.

The report puts a heavy emphasis on the financial health of the biggest players in media and tech, from Apple and Amazon to Paramount and Comcast, including their respective debt levels. How far many of these conglomerates have fallen on Wall Street is evident across the report’s data offerings: stock performances, layoff levels, content-budget metrics and consumer-spending analysis.

The state of streaming looms large in “Trend Tracker,” as the past 12 months have proved a pivotal period for the likes of Netflix and Disney+, and premium video is examined across the traditional pillars of Hollywood economics in film and TV.

The dizzying diversity of content-related businesses outside video are fully illuminated, be they audio products such as chart-topping music and podcasts or interactive media including video games, virtual reality, social media and the creator economy.

A wide range of consumer electronics are also accounted for, as smart TVs drive video streaming and consumption, and smart glasses are already beginning to define the next big platform, where giants like Apple and Sony are looking to make a splash.

There’s so much important activity to take note of across these industries that no one can afford to miss a thing. VIP+’s “Trend Tracker” will surely keep you in the know for the year ahead.

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