The Meteoric Rise of Free Streaming FAST Channels: A Special Report

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Illustration: VIP+; Adobe Stock

FAST has captured the imagination of the content industry in 2022. Seeing revenues growing among early adopters of the format has whetted the appetite of other content owners, with an ever-increasing number of channels available as media firms ensure they don’t miss out on a new revenue stream. 

With more attention being paid to what FAST can offer, Variety Intelligence Platform is proud to release the fourth version of its “Life in the FAST Lane” special report, presented by leading FAST channel creator Amagi. Simply put, FAST offers content owners a way to further monetize their assets and generate revenues with very minor investment.  

This will become more poignant as more companies recognize that older series of originals add nothing to subscriber growth or retention on subscription services but add value and provide a recognizable boost as a free single-series FAST channel

Unlike other versions of “Life in the FAST Lane”, this edition focuses less on the platforms providing channels and more on the content creators who are fueling the boom. The vast majority of traditional TV content producers are active in FAST — Disney is one that isn’t save for two ABC news channels, and Warner Bros. Discovery currently has a very minimal footprint — with VIP+’s report noting the major players within linear streaming. 

Readers of the report will also find insights on the key strategies content owners are utilizing to differentiate themselves from rival channels and attract audiences, the types of FAST channels that exist and the increasing importance of original content to some independent channel operators and FAST services. “Life in the FAST Lane” also takes a deep dive into three content formats that have seen considerable growth recently: professional sports, local news and national news.

VIP+’s report features industry analysis and research from a wide range of sources as it paints the most accurate picture of where the FAST industry currently stands. If you want to understand FAST, look no further than here. 

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