Media & Tech Stocks Q2 Preview: A Special Report

Media & Tech Stocks Q2 Preview:
Cheyne Gateley/VIP

After introducing Variety Intelligence Platform’s “Q1 Preview Special Report,” which covered key data and analysis for 13 major entertainment and tech companies, VIP+ has updated our analysis with the “Q2 Preview.” 

This incarnation significantly expands the number of companies covered, now up to 31 across entertainment and tech subject to VIP+’s critical overviews. Our tech exploration includes overseas giants Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent as well as domestic outfits Microsoft, Snap and Vizio, all in addition to those also covered in Q1: Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Roku, Spotify and Twitter. 

For entertainment, we’ve included a look at music and live events companies Cumulus Media, iHeartMedia, Live Nation Entertainment, SiriusXM, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group. And from the worlds of TV and movies, AMC Networks, Discovery, Lionsgate, MGM Holdings, Sony and WWE join Comcast, Disney, Fox, Netflix, ViacomCBS and WarnerMedia. 

The “Q2 Preview” pulls out key performance information from quarterly earnings reports and the Q2 stock journey for each company, then goes on to assess each business in terms of strategy, strengths and weaknesses and the road ahead in an effort to provide the best possible picture of how things stand. 

The comprehensive VIP+ guide to the worlds of technology, media and entertainment will inform readers of what lies ahead when the financial quarter ends and companies prepare for earnings calls with investors. 

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