Industry Impact Report: The Toll COVID-19 Has Taken

Industry Impact Report: The Toll COVID-19 Has Taken
Cheyne Gateley/VIP

It will take years for the world to truly understand the many ways the pandemic has transformed society. As the media and entertainment sectors go, the changes were evident immediately as the virus swarmed the globe beginning in March.

As the new 29-page Variety Intelligence Platform (VIP) special report “Industry Impact: COVID-19” examines, the first three months of the pandemic provide ample data for beginning to comprehend the impact across a broad array of key performance indicators in TV, film, streaming, audio and other sectors.

“Industry Impact: COVID-19” probes each key sector with an eye on exploring just how the virus has altered either audience or industry behaviors. Instead of simply relaying the data, the report contextualizes the numbers with sophisticated interpretations of how short-term results could translate to long-term trends.

The virus, of course, didn’t operate in a vacuum; the report takes into account industry vectors that had been reshaping media habits already in a state of flux.

The data analysis encompasses an exhaustive range of industry categories including cord-cutting, connected TV, sports, theme parks, concerts, videogames and video conferencing.

The report is design to offer a deep dive without risking the kind of information overload all too common at a time when there is so much out there on these subjects. But “Industry Impact: COVID-19” distills essential insights, coupled with critical data, in order to give readers the maximum amount of industry wisdom with a minimum of time commitment.

We hope you enjoy this latest monthly report as part of your VIP subscription. Look forward to another report in early August!

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Dozens of data points offering a detailed breakdown of how media consumption habits are changing


Forecasts of audience patterns that distinguish between short-term fluctuations and long-term transformations


In-depth analysis of industry developments across a broad array of media and technology product categories