Digital Marketing: A Special Report

Digital Marketing: Special Report
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The business of marketing content moved away from traditional pillars like billboards and 30-second spots long ago. Digital platforms are taking an increasing portion of budgets in order to spread the word on the latest movies, TV shows and album releases via search, social and other new-media tactics.

“Digital Marketing Impact Report,” the new 23-page special report by Variety Intelligence Platform, sponsored by Spotify, is an exhaustive exploration of innovation in product promotion as explained by more than 40 top marketing executives at leading media companies including Netflix, Disney, Amazon and CNN.

A recurring theme in the insights offered by these marketing mavens is the challenges posed by the pandemic, which altered even the best-laid plans to get word of mouth going for launches of all kinds. But COVID-19 represented something akin to disruption layered on top of a more fundamental disruption already taking place across the media business, as the forces of technology prompted executives to approach a marketplace changing dramatically.

The old days of Madison Avenue’s spray-and-pray approach have given way to a much more sophisticated strategy that slices and dices audiences into targetable segments. The secret sauce is the data digital platforms can deliver in real time, allowing the fine-tuning of marketing campaigns that can then be adjusted in response to how consumers are receiving them.

“Digital Marketing Impact Report” allows readers to sift through the collective wisdom of master marketers at a broad range of brands (also including Roku, TikTok, HBO, Lionsgate, Fox and Paramount Pictures). Don’t miss out on a rich learning experience from the professionals who know marketing best.

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