2023 Overview: The Rivalries That Will Define Media & Tech

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Illustration: VIP+; Adobe Stock

At the dawn of a new year, the media and technology sectors are poised to continue a period of profound transformation and innovation. These intersecting industries can be a confusing world to navigate, which is why Variety Intelligence Platform’s “2023 Outlook” special report attempts to distill everything going on through the lens of the competitions between various leading companies across a wide range of content categories.  

Our “2023 Outlook” digs deep into the battle for consumers’ attention across streaming, digital, TV, video games, hardware and film. VIP+ analyzed the current standing of the brands vying for market dominance in a heavily consolidated world in which a handful of conglomerates are also heavily concentrated. 

Certain aspects of the economy are flashing warning signs of tougher times ahead for many companies across the board in 2023. Fortunately, media and tech consumption remained robust last year, but concerns of a possible recession are casting a shadow over the two sectors in the new year.  

Growth has begun to slow across several media and tech segments, thus maintaining market share will be a critical focal point in the new year. Consumers are notoriously fickle, and adapting to changing consumer behavior will likely be the only way to survive the challenges that lie ahead. 

Read on to learn about:


Grids identifying companies that are active in dozens of content categories


The evolution of consumption trends across media and tech in the year ahead


A chart-driven analysis of market share for the biggest businesses in the industry