Rulers of Engagement: The War to Capture Consumer Attention

Rulers of Engagement: The War Capture
Cheyne Gateley/VIP

In the grand scheme of how a global pandemic will reshape the future, there are more profound issues to consider than the impact COVID-19 is having on the media and technology businesses. But even as so much is disrupting these industries, some things don’t change: Their competitive framework remains intact.

From 30-minute TV shows to 3-milisecond search-engine returns, a mega-war is being waged for mindshare across billions of devices worldwide. While the media business is at the epicenter of this frenzy, it’s the technology giants who have escalated the conflict. They too create content to support their ultimate goal: keeping consumers inside their ecosystems of products and services for as long as possible (and away from their rivals).

That means conglomerates from Apple to AT&T to Amazon to Disney are competing with each other across a broad swath of overlapping business interests, from TV stations to app stores to video game consoles to smart watches.

These companies are the “Rulers of Engagement.” Variety Intelligence Platform and the National Association of Broad- casters present a topline examination of the trends and rivalries that distinguish the many different markets in the attention economy. In the slides that follow, we examine 25 such competitive sets.

Other categories we look at in this deck include wearables, cloud services, live streaming and smart glasses. Among the companies focused on in this deck include Google, Facebook, Netflix, Sony, Roku, Nexstar and Spotify.

Take a front-row seat to the biggest business battleground on the planet.

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Explore 25 different categories of competition where big companies compete in the media/tech landscape


Identify which companies are the market leaders that are winning the competition in key industry sectors


Hundreds of data points provide key performance indicators, the benchmarks for understanding who is dominating each category