Zendaya’s beloved character of Rue is “Euphoria’s” backbone, yet she revealed the character almost had an even darker story.

“We were going to do a very different ending to the show and I think Rue’s journey was going to go somewhere else,” she explained during a HBO Max actors and producers panel at Variety‘s Virtual TV Fest. “And halfway through, Sam [Levinson] and I called each other, and we were like, ‘We cannot leave her here. She means too much to us and she means too much to too many people.’ So we switched gears, and we felt that it was necessary to bring hope into the conversation. Because I think there’s far too many people, especially during this pandemic, that need that. And need to be reminded that they’re valid and worthy of love and forgiveness, and that you are not your worst moment.”

Zendaya was joined by Kaley Cuoco of “The Flight Attendant”; Paul W. Downs of “Hacks”; Ben Foster of “The Survivor”; Oscar Isaac of “Scenes From a Marriage” and Taika Waititi of “Our Flag Means Death” for the conversation, which was moderated by Variety senior culture and event editor Marc Malkin.

Producing a show is certainly hard work, but Waititi, who currently has 19 producing credits to his name, admits that he still isn’t really sure what his role is as producer.

“My thing is, I want to either help friends or artists that I love and I want to see things get made,” he said. “And I wouldn’t know who to call to get things made, or I wouldn’t know how in terms of what a producer actually does. I don’t know what that really means. I like to think that in terms of producing, I can read stuff, I can find content, I can find artists. And really my thing is just helping get their voices out there, and that’s the extent of it for me.”

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