Darren Star’s critical darling “Younger” is back with its sixth season on TV Land, and while the romances are always up in the air, one thing remains the same: the female friendships are front and center.

“Younger” stars Hilary Duff and Sutton Foster sat down with Variety senior correspondent Elizabeth Wagmeister to tease Season 6, and the actresses praised the show for showcasing a supportive female relationship between two successful career women.

“I’m very proud to be on a show that focuses more on female relationships and also females and their careers,” Foster said. “Yes, there’s romance in the show, but time and time again, our characters keep chasing one another and also our career over men and over romance. I’m very proud to be representing that on television.”

“That message of ‘yes you can’ is really woven through our show,” Duff added. “But it doesn’t come with ease — and what does that’s worth having?”