Saniyya Sidney used to look in the mirror and hold her toothbrush like an Oscar and practice an acceptance speech. Daniel Ranieri was discovered after his mother posted his profanity-filled rant online and it went viral.

These were just some of the revelations made during the Young Actors panel at Variety‘s FYC Fest, where deputy awards and features editor Jenelle Riley was joined by actors Jude Hill (“Belfast”), Woody Norman (“C’mon C’mon”), Ranieri (“The Tender Bar”) and Sidney (“King Richard”).

The young actors now find themselves in highly acclaimed films, acting opposite some impressive co-stars. Hill says he’s a huge fan of Marvel films, so when “Thor” director Kenneth Branagh cast him in his autobiographical “Belfast,” Hill couldn’t believe it. “Once I find out that the person directing one of my favorite films was going to be my director, I flipped!” said Hill.

Sidney, who plays tennis superstar Venus Williams, found herself cast opposite Will Smith as Venus’ father Richard. “Mr. Will is the coolest person ever,” she enthused. “I was kinda nervous at first. I didn’t know what to expect, but he’s just so down to earth and really nice. He was amazing and he had the best shoe game.”

In “C’mon C’mon,” Norman plays the nephew of Joaquin Phoenix’s public radio journalist. The young actor admitted he struggled with a scene in which his character yells at Phoenix. “I can’t shout at Joaquin because he’s Joaquin Phoenix!” Norman said, adding it took him three takes to truly shout. “And afterwards I went back and I apologized.”

Filming his first movie, “The Tender Bar,” Ranieri found himself working alongside director George Clooney and star Ben Affleck. One day, he finally worked up the courage to ask the question he’d long been wanting to. “When they were rearranging the cameras, I was like, ‘So Ben, how was playing Batman?’” Ranieri revealed. “And he said that the suit was very heavy and he sweat in it a lot.”

Watch the full panel above.