A single line of dialogue pertaining to the Barenaked Ladies’ hit song “One Week” became the entire premise of “The Wellness Center” episode of the third season of ‘What We Do In The Shadows,” executive producer and writer Stefani Robinson revealed in Variety‘s Making A Scene presented by HBO.

“The Barenaked Ladies song was just a line of dialogue that I had thrown in for Nandor in one of the early drafts,” Robinson said about the song. “And then the more that we rewrote it, it became sort of a bigger joke, and eventually became, ‘Well, yeah, we should just get this song and do it.'”

Kayvan Novak, who plays Nandor on the show, discussed how the changes in wardrobe for Nandor indicated his character’s change of heart throughout the episode.

“He’s usually wearing four layers of leather, jackets and capes, so you feel quite protected,” Novak said. “But then, when he wears something like a pair of skimpy shorts and a little crop top and you feel more vulnerable, but he is in a vulnerable place, so it helps.”

Director Yana Gorskaya cited 1985 movie “Perfect” as a deep inspiration for directing “The Wellness Center” and its 80s-inspired scenes.

“Jamie Lee Curtis is an aerobics instructor [in “Perfect”] and there is an extended three minutes scene of aerobics, which is almost entirely hip thrusting,” Gorskaya said. “I actually sent that to our choreographer Amy Wright and said ‘Please, this needs to be the key thing that they do, is just hip thrusting, because it’s so ridiculous.”

The wig, the sets, the references and the song, all culminated together in one, iconic montage that (as per usual with this critically adored series) finds a way to weave a bit of drama between the jokes. Despite the obvious hilarity of watching Nandor the Relentless try and join a 80s cult (run by “Hollywood royalty” Cree Summer) there was more there beneath the surface. “It was the culmination of all the angst that [Nandor] had been feeling,” Gorskaya said.

“He really wanted this to be the answer, but he knew in his heart this wasn’t the answers,” Novak said. “A lot of the time, in real life, you want a quick fix, you want a magic bullet… It rarely is that. Or it is for about two weeks and you run out of steam and you’re back to square one and you wonder why. Then you realize it’s not external it’s internal.”

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