The feminist’s song “I Am Woman” was a rallying cry for women in the 70s, but the singer Helen Reddy’s road to success wasn’t always paved with folks willing to listen to her voice. The complicated —  and compelling —  story of the woman behind “I Am Woman” has now been translated on film under that same iconic title.

Director Unjoo Moon joined by actors Evan Peters, Danielle Macdonald, and Tilda Cobham-Hervey (who play Reddy) discussed feminism and their favorite lyrics from the legendary tune at Variety’s Toronto International Film Festival, presented by AT&T.

So what did the real-life, queen of “housewife rock” think of Moon’s interpretation? “Helen cried at the end of the movie,” the director revealed. “I think she cried because it as so amazing for her to see what it means for everyone. The end of the movie really shows how much her song touches so many people. And what she’s done with that piece of music… and I think she felt that in the moment.”

As for the labeling of her music as housewife rock, Reddy took it as a badge of honor Moon explained, “I think what’s interesting is the way that phrase was somehow coined, it was often coined by men, it seemed to be a put-down in some ways. I love that Helen made it something powerful and empowering and made it her own.”