Describing all that is Tom Hooper’s “Cats” in one sentence can be difficult, as the cast of the movie proved at a press junket for the musical.

“Who will get a ninth life?” Ian Mckellan said. “Cats have nine lives, did you know that?”

“Mesmerizing. Magical,” seemed to be all Jennifer Hudson could muster up off the top of her head.

“It’s fun and it’s a fantastic musical,” Francesca Hayward said.

As if to finish the previously started sentence from Hayward, fellow cast member Jason Derulo chimed in saying, “Where every cat is on the quest for a second chance.”

Laurie Davidson explained, “The film’s about acceptance of someone who’s on the outside.”

Robbie Fairchild, who plays Munkustrap, made numerous attempts to answer the question — and stumbled through all of them.

“An abandoned cat…” he began before quickly trying a different tack. His cast mate Rebel Wilson jumped in to save Fairchild with a quick answer. “It’s just about cats,” she said simply. She added,  “A tribe of cats called the Jellicles compete one night a year to see who will be reborn.”

“Does that make sense to people? Probably not. The storyline doesn’t exactly make sense. Are they competing to die, for example,” Wilson continued. “There’s a lot of questions about this story line.”