Not much is known about the new theme parks “Westworld’s” second season could reveal, but we do know one thing: one of those worlds can be described as a “Shogun World,” which will mimic Japan anywhere from the 12th to late 19th centuries.

Variety caught up with”Westworld” showrunners Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan at the Season 2 premiere and asked them both how they attempted to create their Shogun World world both respectfully and accurately.

“Our writer Dan Dietz did a lot of research into period pieces and weaponry and cultural moments, but just like in Westworld, we’re looking at the frontier, but its not verisimilitude. Part of it is this meta exploration of, it’s a theme park based in some ways o on perceptions of what might be in there,” she explained.

“The way in which we tried most to honor the authenticity of it was to cast Japanese actors and to do the episodes mostly in Japanese, to really let it be their world — we’re just guests in it,” Joy said.

The possibility of alternative theme parks within the Westworld-verse has been on the table since the Season 1 finale offered a glimpse into the hosts of a mysterious “S” world, wielding katanas and donning samurai armor. Felix, a Westworld technician, also seemed to corroborate the existence of more sub-parks in the Season 1 finale when he handed Maeve a slip of paper that said she could find her host daughter in “Park 1.” A Season 2 trailer that debuted during SXSW confirmed Shogun World would indeed have a place in Season 2, though it’s unclear if Shogun World and Park 1 are synonymous.

Shogun World also played a major role in the final Season 2 trailer, which includes a host in geisha makeup and Maeve wearing a kimono. The creators have not confirmed whether the universe will expand to more areas featured in the original movie, like Roman World and Medieval World.