The second season of HBO’s “Westworld” seems to introduce more mysteries than give the viewers answers, Variety‘s co-editor-in-chief Andrew Wallenstein says.

And despite the show’s complexity being a draw for some of its fans, that may be its biggest handicap.

Wallenstein notes that despite him following up with the show’s podcasts and fan websites, the first season let him confused, but the constant time jumps throughout the second season make the story incomprehensible.

“If my patience is being tested, I can only imagine how many other viewers abandoned ‘Westworld’ because they didn’t feel like doing homework,” Wallenstein said.

All of this may come with a hefty price tag, as Wallenstein speculates each episode costs between $7 and 8 million to produce, and HBO may start paying attention to those costs if “Westworld” fails to garner the kinds of ratings their big-budget hit “Game of Thrones” pull in.

“There’s a line a storyteller can cross where a story meant to be compellingly complicated descents into chaos, and networks need to be careful about holding that line,” Wallenstein said. “Otherwise you end up with a show about a maze in which it’s not just the characters, but the viewers that feel trapped.”