Shangela, Bob the Drag Queen and Eureka O’Hara — the stars of HBO’s hit reality show “We’re Here” –joined the Variety Streaming Room to talk with Variety‘s Marc Malkin to talk about filming the first season, their personal favorite moments and what Pride month means to them.

“We’re Here” follows the three drag queens as they bring their art and attitude to small town America, recruiting and training residents to participate in a drag performance. Growing up in a small town herself, Shangela said she felt especially connected to the people they met while filming the show.

“Even though there are challenges and hardships in those towns, especially for LGBTQ people, I never shied away from any of the moments in my town,” Shangela said. “Stepping into these spaces, we almost felt that we had a responsibility to not be fearful; to come in and put on a real strong armor of confidence because we had to connect with these people, our local residents, our drag daughters and sons.”

Bob loved witnessing people experiencing drag for the first time and opening up their minds to not only the craft, but the different types of people who participate in it.

“For some people, this is their first chance to see queerness, to see blackness, to see indigenous people, to see trans people,” Bob said. “The fact that we get to be in these homes is really powerful and really impactful.”