Variety’s Angelique Jackson sat down with “This is Us'” star Sterling K. Brown for the season finale to discuss everything from the importance of mental health and how it’s projected on television, how many times his kids have seen “Frozen 2” and even took a break to sing a little “Shallow” from “A Star is Born.”

And on the heels of the finale Sterling looked forward to the future, unknown series finale of “This is Us.”

“It feels like we’re in the right place,” the actor said. “And let me say this because, unofficially, we don’t know how long it will go. But the writer’s are building towards an end point. There is a story that [series creator Dan] Fogelman has realized in his mind and knows six season it would take for him to be able to tell it. I will become more bittersweet when we get to like season six.”

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