The cast of “Schitt’s Creek” sat down with Variety to play a fun-filled game of “How Well Do You Know Your Co-Star,” ahead of the series finale that airs on Tuesday, April 7.

Daniel Levy, Annie Murphy, Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara were asked a series of questions related to the television sitcom to find out how well they know each other after six seasons of filming together for the hit show. 

When asked which is his favorite character to write for Daniel, the series co-creator, revealed although he likes to write for O’Hara’s character Moira it’s Murphy’s character that came the most naturally for him. 

“What came the most naturally was Alexis,” said Daniel. “The stories, the backstories, the celebrity sightings, the hookups…” 

“So familiar to you all of that,” said Murphy jokingly.

“They were all my life stories and I just gave them to the character,” Daniel responded.

The cast went on to share other insights behind playing their beloved characters. While O’Hara revealed her favorite Moira wig was the pink one, Eugene, co-creator and Daniel’s real-life father, shared “The Drip” opening scene, from season one, episode two, was the one he dreaded filming the most. 

Daniel also went on to share the “A Little Bit of Alexis” song, which was performed by Murphy’s character in the fifth season, was a detail of the character he wrote down before the show even aired.

“A Little Bit of Alexis’ was one of the first character details I jotted down when we were brainstorming the character of Alexis, in my dad’s living room seven years ago,” said Daniel.

Find out which “Schitt’s Creek” cast member knows each other the best in the full video above.