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'Venom' Cast Talks Tongue
'Venom' Cast Talks Tongue

'Venom' Cast on That Tongue: 'It's Beautiful,' 'It's Gross'

It’s not every day that an anti-hero’s main characteristic of note is a strangely distended tongue.

But that’s the case for Sony-Marvel’s latest comic book adaptation, “Venom,” starring Tom Hardy as the man who becomes the titular anti-hero after being invaded by an alien species.

“I was surprised at the length of it,” Hardy admitted to Variety‘s Marc Malkin on the carpet for the movie’s premiere in Los Angeles.

Director Ruben Fleischer said he was given 17 different tongues to choose from. “That one’s a little too fat, that one’s a little too bumpy, that one’s a little too long,” he said of his decision-making process.

“I’ve always dreamed of being in a movie where the anti-hero has a huge tongue, like the size of a slide,” joked Jenny Slate, who plays Dr. Dora Skirth.

The cast also touched on the film’s PG-13 rating. Hardy said his son, who’s only 10 years old, was able to see it during development, when it technically wasn’t yet rated.

Riz Ahmed, who stars as Carlton Drake aka Riot, conceded that it “might be a little scary for really young kids, but other than that, I think it really does the job, really strikes the right balance.”

Venom” hits theaters Oct. 5.

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