Variety’s business editor Cynthia Littleton talked with several TV executives about the rise of direct-to-consumer content and how the coronavirus crisis is impacting business in the Variety Streaming Room.

The discussion featured Jeff Grossman, executive vice president of content strategy and operations at CBS All Access and CBS Entertainment Digital; Keith Le Goy, president of networks and distribution at Sony Pictures Television; Alison Hoffman, president of domestic networks at Starz and Tiran Dagan chief digital officer of communications, media and technology business at Cognizant.

Le Goy shared one of the most groundbreaking aspects of the changing business landscape to direct-to-consumer streaming platforms at Sony has been witnessing the strong desire audiences have for storytelling.

“When you are able to bring great stories to people in a way which is how they want to consume those stories –– how they want, when they want, the device of their choosing –– that is something that is incredibly compelling,” said Le Goy.

Hoffman went on to share how she believes having a deep library is the “key to success” for streamers, but curation is still important.

“[Starz] spends a lot of time thinking about discoverability of the content,” said Hoffman. “In general, I think for customers more is more…but there is that piece of being overwhelmed and the sort of paralysis that can happen when you’re faced with too much choice.”