After screening the Season 1 finale episode of HBO Max’s “Love Life,” Variety‘s Angelique Jackson hosted a panel discussion with Anna Kendrick, Sam Boyd, Zoë Chao, Bridget Bedard and Paul Feig to talk about its unexpected ending, writing their personal experiences into the show and what to expect in its second season.

Kendrick — who stars as Darby Carter and also served as an executive producer — said that although the ending may have been unexpected for some fans, it was exactly what Darby needed.

“[Darby] spent so much time being so inward focused and, ‘What is this relationship going to do for me? How is it going to fix me?’ Even as she’s getting more certain about who she is and what her boundaries are, to me, Darby’s such a different person from episode one to something like episode eight,” Kendrick said.

Co-showrunner and executive producer Bedard, affirmed that the ending felt just as unexpected to the writers as it may have to the fans — many of whom were rooting for Augie (played by Jin Ha) to win over Darby’s heart.

“We actually did, at one point, think it might be Augie. But as we got deeper in, we just felt like that seemed, first of all, predictable and also kind of left the viewer wondering why they even watched it, in a way, if you just circle back to that guy,” Bedard said. 

Bedard found it imperative that the show was an accurate depiction of Darby’s growth, both internally and in the people she chose to date.

“I think we found a really good way to show how a person’s love life is actually a reflection of themselves and kind of an interaction with themselves,” Bedard said. “I think it would be impossible to show a love story that was not tied, at least for me, to who a person was a child, who a person is in their 20s, who a person is growing up.”