Jameela Jamil admits that she could have picked a better time to come out as queer, which the actor and activist did in February, after controversy erupted over her participation in HBO Max’s competition show “Legendary.”

In an Instagram interview on “Variety Live,” Jamil admits that looking back, she would have opted for better timing.

She adds that she has known she was queer since she was a child but has been hesitant to speak about it until recently.

“I didn’t tell anyone about it until a couple of years ago, so I just kept it quiet ‘cause I come from a South Asian background. So, you just don’t really have a lot of queer idols. There isn’t a lot of conversation around it. There isn’t a lot of acceptance for it within my culture, traditionally,” she says.

Jamil, who founded I Weigh, a mental health advocacy movement in 2018, is known for her outspokenness, asserting that she isn’t above engaging in social media tit-for-tats, as she has publicly done in the past.

“I’m not someone who rises above. I don’t turn the other cheek. I’m not Jesus,” she says. “I’ll get down in the gutter and fight you.”