The coronavirus pandemic has left many Americans adhering to shelter-in-place and social-distancing regulations. The drastic change in the country’s operations has sent media consumption surging, with advertisers attempting to keep up with the different landscape and planning for what changes may be permanent.

In a conversation moderated by Todd Spangler in the Variety Streaming Room, a group of industry leaders, including Christine Grammier, head of Buy Side TV at LiveRamp; Jay Prasad, chief strategy officer at LiveRamp TV; Kristina Shepard, head of east coast sales and agency partnerships at Roku; Mark Egan, managing director for MediaCom’s west coast branch; Denise Colella, senior vice president of advanced advertising products and strategy at NBCUniversal; and Laura Nelson, senior vice president of advertising solutions and performance advertising at Disney Advertising Sales, discussed the shifting strategies of advertisers.

“Viewership is up tremendously across all platforms,” Grammier explained. “Now we’re looking at a buyer’s market, where brand agencies are truly trying to be specific about what they want and they need. We’re talking to those brands everyday at LiveRamp. … People have changed so much; potentially they’ve paused their spending. Now [that] they’re looking at reentering, the partners are different that [advertisers] need to talk to. The tools that they need to use are different. The measurement systems that they’ve relied on for the past couple of decades really are not serving them well.”

Grammier also pointed to over-the-top media services as the key arena for advertisers in the future, a truth that has only been further solidified as viewing habits have gone up during the pandemic.

“You have to be in the OTT platforms,” Grammier said. “You have to really be considering where your audience is. … Not all audiences are changing in the same way. Finally, you have to be able to measure in a comprehensive and quick way so that you can learn, because there is going to be continuous change as consumers’ patterns continue to resettle. … The tipping point is here. TV advertising is changing, there is no doubt about it.”

Watch the full conversation above.