Veteran TV executives discussed the recent change in consumers’ consumption habits during Variety’s Entertainment Marketing Summit.

Variety’s Todd Spangler moderated the panel, titled “Missing — Your Target Audience. Last Seen Watching Linear Television in 2018” He was joined by Mark Egan, the managing director of Mediacom; Ed Montes, the chief revenue officer and president of dataxu; and Howard Shimmel, the founder of Janus Strategy and Insights, LLC.

The execs pointed to the rise of on-demand viewing and streaming sites, like Netflix, as the main cause of the drastically different media landscape.

“Ten years ago, pretty much every television home in America was able to watch an over-the-air TV channel,” Shimmel said. “There was a point where mature cable networks were reached by 90% of America. Now, you have about 10 million broadband-only homes. Cable penetration is down to around 80%. The impact of watching on-demand, the impact of Netflix from a competitive perspective– — you take those two factors together, and total TV time is about the same, but ad-supported viewing is down a lot.”