Consumers keep flocking to streaming video services by the millions — a trend that continues to reshape the overall TV advertising sector. Therefore, execs at networks, platforms, agencies and brands have had to continually adjust to the shifts in audiences’ preferences.

In the Variety Streaming Room panel “Golden Age of TV Advertising: What an OTT-First Future Means for TV Advertising,” presented by MNTN, leaders from across the TV and streaming landscape came together to discuss the current and future state of the industry.

Speaking on the panel were Dan Aversano, SVP of data analytics and advanced advertising for Univision; Kristina Shepard, head of agency partnerships and national brand team lead for Roku; Stacie Danizis, VP of digital ad sales at A+E Networks; Brandan Murnane, SVP of digital sales strategy at ViacomCBS and Mark Douglas, president and CEO of MNTN. The session was moderated by Variety New York digital editor Todd Spangler.

“I think it’s really important that we architect the future in way where it does enable scalability and sort of consistency across so that as we do sort of right-size the linear business, we can sort of start to correct some of the supply-demand dynamics,” Aversano said.

As long as people still want to sit on the couch and watch content on their TV screens, “there is still going to be a demand and an appetite for it,” Roku’s Shepard said. “So I think it’s kind of the partnerships that we can all do in the ecosystem, the technology that we can bring to the table to help brands just buy the same content they’ve loved — in the way that they want to now, [which] they haven’t been able to.”

The panelists also spoke about the changes they hope to see in the TV and OTT advertising business in the coming year.

“To the extent that we get more and more streaming inventory essentially sold, made available programmatically, I mean, that’s how we work,” said MNTN’s Douglas on the topic of collaboration. “Companies are programmatic, even when servicing different parts of market. So I think that’s where I’d like to see the industry to go. And I think you’ll see more growth in that, and that will accelerate some of these changes that we’ve been talking about.”

Watch the full conversation above.