Disney Plus, now two years old, has provided Disney fans with both their favorite nostalgic throwbacks as well as the opportunity to discover new original series. And through it all, the streamer has honed in on their dedicated fanbase by delivering their content with a personalized touch.

Speaking at Variety’s Entertainment and Technology Summit sponsored by Snap Inc., Trevor Kelley, senior vice president of marketing at Disney Plus, talked about how the streaming service is for everyone. “You get to see the audience and see how diverse it is, and the difference between a Pixar fan and a Star Wars fan.” Moderating the discussion was Alexa Levine, U.S. head of entertainment at Snap Inc.

Kelley explained that in its launch, Disney Plus wanted to reach the audiences for all five of their main brands — Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic. “We knew that the fans and the fanbases that we had around these brands was going to be an incredibly important part of that launch campaign,” Kelley said. “In fact, when we began a lot of the work around it, we didn’t even go with the tagline… The tagline was the five brand logos — and that was it. When we thought about, ‘How do we roll this out?,’ it wasn’t one size fits all — because it couldn’t be.”

With augmented reality personalization, Snapchatters are able to step into their favorite Disney shows and movies. Kelley reflected on how the advent of AR has changed the way viewers see the world, referencing Billie Eilish’s new Disney Plus concert film. “There’s this combined world where she’s animated and she’s also performing at the Hollywood Bowl and driving through Los Angeles — and it just made me think about how much this is normal now,” Kelley said. “These sort of things just look like AR in a way.”

With young people more inclined to use mobile devices as their television screens, Kelly spoke about how Disney Plus plans to integrate that into their marketing and advertisements through their partnership with Snap. “Snapchat offers a combination of short-form video, whether it’s user-generated or some of them are coming from traditional publishers,” Kelley said. “It’s always something that we consider, in terms of how we’re going to either integrate within it or be out in front of it, depending on what the opportunity is. I think with Snap and with Discover, you provide this really incredible combination of being able to reach consumers as this evolution continues to grow.”

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