After nabbing an Oscar nomination for “Knives Out,” director Rian Johnson said he’s already working on a follow-up to his acclaimed whodunit. So what’s in the cards for the sequel? Toni Collette dropped some hints while at Variety’s Sundance Studio presented by AT&T.

“I haven’t spoken to [Johnson] about it, but from my understanding, I think it’s more about Benoit Blanc, and another investigation,” Collette said, referring to Daniel Craig’s character, a cunning private investigator with an unplaceable accent.

In “Knives Out,” Colette played a lifestyle guru and daughter-in-law of famed author Harlan Thrombey. Her character invoked shades of Gwyneth Paltrow and her Goop empire. In short, the part is very different than her role in Euros Lyn’s “Dream Horse,” which premiered Friday at the Sundance Film Festival.

Lyn’s feature is based on the true story of a Welsh barmaid who convinces her entire working-class community to rally behind raising a racehorse. Collette admits portraying a real person is a “huge responsibility,” but wanted to play her because “she’s looking for passion and meaning in her life.”

The film challenges the notion that training horses is reserved for the elite. “The story is about ordinary people competing with millionaires,” Lyn said. “[Vokes] persuades everybody in the village to put in 10 pounds a week.”

Collette also extended praise to her equine co-star, Beau, saying he is “an incredible actor.”