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TheSoul Publishing is a media publisher that operates a vast variety of online brands like “5-Minute Crafts” and “Bright Side.” Through partnerships with social media companies like TikTok, the company has been able to build a sizable global audience. One of their most successful channels on TikTok’s app is 5-Minute Green, which provides viewers with instructions for gardening and caring for plants and has amassed over 700 thousand followers and 3 million likes.

“For us, we understand that TikTok is a place where you have a different niche, and you can be very successful doing tutorials for plants,” TheSoul vice president of platform partnerships Victor Potrel said in a Variety Streaming Room conversation sponsored by TheSoul Publishing. “[That] seems maybe like quite a narrow topic to start with, but when you think about a global scale, it’s actually become massive. So I think that’s another aspect that is very important.”

Potrel was joined by Bryan Thoensen, head of content partnerships at TikTok; Tedd Cittadine, vice president of content partnerships at Roku; Reagan Feeney, senior vice president of live content programming and partnerships at Hulu; and Val Boreland, executive vice president of content acquisitions at NBCUniversal. In a conversation with Andrew Wallenstein, the president and chief media analyst of Variety Intelligence Platform, panelists discussed the importance of partnerships in the streaming era and how they can be used to grow their audience globally.

During the panel, Thoensen spoke about how TikTok has collaborated with companies such as NBCUniversal and TheSoul to promote content on the platform. TikTok is still a very young platform, but has grown exponentially over the years and has developed a large user base. Thoensen spoke during the panel about how many of the app’s features, particularly its “For You” page and recommendation algorithm, allow viewers to find the content and creators they would be interested in.

“We are, I think, a great channel for partners and creators to really build relationships with existing fans or to find new ones,” Thoensen said. “And that recommendation system — that’s really able to change and present anyone who’s watching with the most entertaining and diverse content that maybe you otherwise wouldn’t have experienced or seen — is what sets us apart. I love the serendipity of a stroll through the ‘For You’ feed.”

Watch the full panel above.