Jeff Green, CEO and founder of The Trade Desk, joined Kari Marshall, vice president of media at T-Mobile, and president of Paramount Advertising John Halley for a discussion on the identity of advertisers in a streaming-saturated entertainment landscape.

The panel, titled “Advertising’s New Normal: Unifying Streaming and Identity in 2023,” was moderated by Andrew Wallenstein, president and chief media analyst of Variety Intelligence Platform, as part of the Variety Entertainment Summit at CES.

“This is a secular shift that we’ve never seen in media history, and I don’t know that we’ll ever see it again in our lifetimes, where just all consumers want to be streaming,” Green said. “That is led by consumers wanting on-demand television, but also the peak of content — we are in the golden era of content.”

To meet the increased pressure on advertisers to appeal to streaming consumers, Green described the advent of “Galileo,” an all-new Open Internet tool from The Trade Desk that allows advertisers to upload first-party data to be easily matched with target audiences.

“The reason why we call it Galileo is, think of it as the visualization of connecting the dots of constellations, where if I don’t take the first-party data of companies like T-Mobile and make it usable on things like Paramount, we can’t do our job as well as we could otherwise,” Green continued.

“Those dots have to be connected in order to look at your ROI,” Marshall added.

The service is made possible through Unified ID 2.0 (UID2), a universal, unencrypted ID that makes it possible for advertisers to obtain personal data about consumers as an alternative to third-party cookies.

“It becomes impossible to manage reach and frequency in a fragmented marketplace,” Halley said in regard to the struggle for advertisers to reach consumers across the full gamut of streaming, cable and broadcast. “Unified identity is critical to us as a content creator.”

Paramount Advertising recently partnered with The Trade Desk, one of the summit’s premiere partners, and is currently in conversation with various agencies over the next week to plan the future of the platform’s activation preferences and workflow.

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