The director of “The Square,” which won the top prize at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, lost the trophy, the Palme d’Or, briefly, the film’s star Claes Bang told Variety in a video interview at the Dubai Film Festival.

“[Director Ruben Ostlund] wanted to do a photo re-enactment of the whole week in Cannes — us arriving, all the expectation, the screening — and we were carrying cameras, lights … a lot of s—. So we pack everything up, and put it in the car, and drive around. And at one point we were like ‘Okay let’s move on. We need to do the next thing,’” Bang recalled.

“And we got everything in the car, and we were all in the car, and we were like: ‘Where’s the Palme?’ And we had left it sitting in the street,” he said. “And this is the 70th edition [of the festival] and, from what I understand, [the trophy] is not only gold, but it has got a lot of diamonds on it as well, so it is worth a lot of money. So we went back and got it.”

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