The growing business of connected TV is discussed by industry leaders Scott Brown, General Manager of Audience Measurement, Nielsen; Hayley Diamond, EVP Digital Investment and Partnerships, Publicis; Ricardo Rivera, Global Digital Group Director, OMD USA; Audrey Steele, EVP Research Insights and Strategy, Fox Corp.; and Brad Wilson, EVP Growth and Revenue, WarnerMedia.

DeTraglia notes, “I think the biggest change [over the past year] was the advertising marketplace paying a lot more attention to streaming overall. Again, a trend that’s been happening over the last few years. But when it became really clear and got covered a lot in the press about behaviors at home and people watching, more of all kinds of TV in general, and certainly a lot of growth in streaming and ad-supported streaming and free streaming, I think it sort of got people thinking at a time when they needed to figure out new ways to reach people and in different ways with different messages. I think there was just an increased attention on this industry to begin with and all of the ways it can be utilized to have more relevant targeting, different types of creative. Dynamic ad insertion allows for a lot more creativity in messaging. So I think that was just an acceleration of all that and some extra attention paid in general.”

Brown adds, “The massive amount of adoption in the marketplace from a consumer perspective was something we saw in a big, big way in 2020 where now, when you look at 2021 in January, right up against around 80% of all households in America either have a smart TV or a connected device that allows them to get connected. Once you have that infrastructure in place, then the possibilities for consumers are endless. You can try new services and find content that resonates.”