Following their world premiere at Sundance, popular 80’s group The Go-Go’s and documentary filmmaker Alison Ellwood were still buzzing with excitement when they visited the Variety Studio in Park City.

“We had no expectations” of being accepted, said Charlotte Caffey, “but when we got the news, we were just over the moon. I mean, I’ve kind of learned in this band that anything can happen. I mean, when you think it’s kind of winding down… ‘Oh, we have a Broadway musical. Oh, we’re getting a star on Hollywood Blvd.’ It just seems like things always happen, so this is awesome. The band that won’t die, right?”

Said Belinda Carlisle, “It’s like no time has passed whenever we get together. It’s like it was yesterday. It’s funny. I mean, I’ve never had that sort of experience with anybody else.”

“I was really happy that Alison focused a lot on the fun we had, and the camaraderie and the love and the milestones,” said Jane Wiedlin, “and not just the salacious stuff, because we’ve already been through one salacious thing with VH1. But there’s so much more to us than just ‘Oh, America’s sweethearts!’ or ‘Oh, they’re drug-crazed demons.’ You know, we’re humans and we’re in-between that. So I feel like Alison really showed that.”