Luckily, the world has already been exposed to the extent of whale violence occurring in season 2 of superhero series “The Boys.”

In July, a first look clip of the season went viral due to a graphic scene involving a boat ramming into a computer-generated whale and killing it. When asked about the scene in an interview with Variety‘s Angelique Jackson, the cast of “The Boys” and creator Eric Kripke each had something to say about the poor whale.

“It’s like Eric Kripke has a thing against sea mammals. You know, season one it was dolphin atrocities and season 2 he’s lighting up a whale,” Karl Urban, who plays Billy Butcher, said of the show’s creator. “So it’s good to see that there’s a progression in the targets. They seem to be getting bigger.”

Jack Quaid, who portrays Hughie Campbell on the show, reassured viewers that there won’t be any future harmed whales on “The Boys.”

“I think what you’ve seen is the extent of violence toward a whale,” Quaid said. “So I think reviewers can take some solace in knowing that’s kind of the apex of whale violence.”

But Tomer Capon, who plays Frenchie, hinted that there may be some moments on season 2 that are even more shocking than the whale scene.

“Everybody talks about the whale. But that’s the only thing you got a sneak peek of,” Capon said. “I mean, we’ve got some other crazy surprises coming this season that I think are going head-to-head, toe-to-toe with the whale.”

Season 2 of “The Boys” premieres Sept. 4 on Amazon Prime Video.