At Variety’s TV Summit, casting directors Sharon Bialy and Rachel Tenner discussed how they selected Calum Worthy to star in “The Act” and Christopher Abbott as the lead in “Catch-22.” Bialy told Variety’s Daniel Holloway that Worthy immediately jumped out to her for the complex role of Nicholas Godejohn, who helped plan the murder of Dee Dee Blanchard with Gypsy Rose Blanchard in the real-life dramatization on Hulu.

“This was a role that was really tricky, so we didn’t even consider making offers because there’s a lot of complexity and nuance in the role, so we met a lot of actors,” Bialy recalled. “Calum, bless his soul, came in to read for us and we tried to provide a safe space to play in. He was so extraordinary, I literally said, ‘We have the producers and director coming over this afternoon. Normally I would say go home and think about it, but don’t do home, don’t think about it, just come back in an hour.'”