Apple TV Plus’ “Ted Lasso” may have become known for being an earnest, feel-good comedy, but series star and supporting comedy actress Emmy nominee Hannah Waddingham knows that doesn’t mean its characters aren’t experiencing crises.

“I think all of us are stuck,” she said during Variety’s Virtual TV Fest: The Nominees (Comedy Series).

Waddingham said her character, Rebecca, represents men and women who are going through midlife crises. “Once I got that initial shock of getting the role, I realized how much responsibility I had. Taking on the role of a woman in her mid-40s, divorced and who is riddled with bitterness.”

The theme of being “stuck” is a part of a number of Emmy-nominated shows this year, including Netflix’s “Cobra Kai” and HBO Max’s “The Flight Attendant.” Waddingham was joined by fellow nominees William Zabka and Rosie Perez from those shows, respectively, as well as Courtney Lilly from “Black-ish,” Hannah Einbinder from “Hacks,” Paul Reiser from “The Kominsky Method” and Debbie Liebling from “Pen15.”

Zabka, who reprised his “Karate Kid” role, Johnny Lawrence, 30 years later in “Cobra Kai,” noted that Johnny has arrested development: “He says, ‘I’m going to do this’ and ‘I’ll get this right,’ but it’s been 35 years and he still hasn’t made it work, and now he’s stuck.”

When it came to Perez, her character, Megan, was going through a midlife crisis in the first season of “The Flight Attendant,” only she “didn’t realize” it, Perez said. Inspired by and perhaps a bit envious of her colleague Cassie (Kaley Cuoco), Megan wanted more adventure in her life and embarked upon espionage.

“Next season I want everything to blow up in her face — so she can face the music,” Perez said.

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